From McCrossan Boys Ranch to International Tax Attorney… Douglas Stransky Shares his Story

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At the age of 13, Doug decided one day to change the course of his childhood. Growing up in Sioux Falls, he decided to go to the hospital near his home and tell the employees he didn’t want to live at home anymore. He had a stressed relationship with his parents. Police arrived and took Doug to the local detention center until it was decided that McCrossan Boys Ranch would be a good fit for Doug.

The Ranch became a place of refuge and hope for Doug to change the path of his childhood. Less than a year after arriving at the Ranch, his father passed away and his mom did not want him back at home.  He attended school at Patrick Henry and eventually went to Washington High School locally where he was involved in band and played the trumpet. Life on the Ranch was interesting to Doug and there was always plenty of activities to keep him busy. One of his favorite past times was the many hours he spent helping in the Ranch kitchen. He enjoyed helping prepare food and the responsibility it brought. Ranch Boy Scout outings provided an opportunity for Doug to go to Yellowstone, the Black Hills on camping trips and out to the Palisades to rock climb. All childhood memories he looks back at fondly.

Doug came to the realization that he could not blame others for where he was at and that he needed to take control of his life to get what he wanted. The Ranch taught him independence and maturity. Doug stayed at McCrossan’s for about four years before going back home.

After leaving the Ranch, Doug went on to receive his high school diploma from Washington High School and eventually went to South Dakota State University in Brookings. One year later he was struggling in school and decided to take a manager trainee job at Country Kitchen in Sioux Falls. He enjoyed the food service industry and later moved to New England where he eventually became a restaurant manager in Harvard Square.

While working in Harvard Square, Doug became interested in taking classes at Harvard University. A few classes turned into enrollment at Harvard and eventually he received his Bachelor’s Degree cum laude from Harvard and decided to go on to law school in Miami.  At the University of Miami School of Law, he obtained both a Juris Doctorate cum laude and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree.

Doug is now a partner at Sullivan & Worcester in Boston and is a leading international tax law attorney with clients all around the world. His publications and accolades are too long to list. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Boston University School of Law. Doug has a portfolio consisting of many well-known clients and also speaks fluent Spanish.

Doug and his wife Gianna have four children that are their pride and joy.  In his spare time, Doug enjoys cycling and he also has a freelance voiceover business.

His biggest message to the boys at the Ranch now is “to make sure you stay persistent. If you want something take responsibility for it despite what roadblocks might be in your way.”  Hanging over his desk is his favorite motto:  “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”


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