McCrossan Center – Making Progress!


We are excited to see all the progress taking place on the new McCrossan Center. The 5,100 square foot visitor center is now completely enclosed and workers are busy working on the interior right now.  The McCrossan Center will feature a museum dedicated to displaying McCrossan’s ties to South Dakota history, featuring items like the South Dakota Bicentennial Wagon Train, displays on Melinda McCrossan’s contributions to the City of Sioux Falls and State of South Dakota and stories of our amazing history. The Ranch has a rich heritage and has been home to thousands of boys. Now they will have a place to bring their families and we will have a place to share their stories. Over the years, numerous artifacts, pictures, and stories have been collected that together tell the story of the Ranch. Now these items will get to come out of storage and will be displayed properly for all to see.


The new center will also include an archive room for alumni to enjoy and find pictures during their stay at the Ranch, a room for fellowship and meals, a gift shop and concession area.

The new Robert L. Nielsen McCrossan Center will be located right off Marion Road when you reach McCrossan Boys Ranch. The McCrossan Center is expected to be open in mid-July. Stay tuned!

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