Education… One of the pillars of our success

The McCrossan School


Education is one of the cornerstones of success at McCrossan’s. We want every boy on campus to reach their full potential.

Over the years, McCrossan Boys Ranch has offered many different educational opportunities. In the early years of the Ranch boys went off campus to school attending local schools such as Washington High School, Baltic, Tri-Valley and others. The boys were emersed into the schools participating in sports, attending prom and more. Over the course of time, it was evident that McCrossan Boys Ranch should operate its own school and in 1978 it opened its first school on campus which was in the basement of Mather’s Cottage. The school was primarily used to help get kids ready for the public school setting and when they had proved themselves they would go off to public school. In 1996, the Rysdon Student Union was built expanding the space for our on-campus education. This building housed the school, cafeteria and kitchen for the campus.

Many of the boys at McCrossan Boys Ranch are behind in school, some have lost interest, while others may have been suspended, expelled or dropped out. Today, all kids placed at McCrossan Boys Ranch attend our fully accredited, private on-campus school. McCrossan Middle School and High School are still located in the Rysdon Student Union. In 2006, the Ranch earned full accreditation through the South Dakota Department of Education and was allowed to issue high school diplomas. Because of varying credits, graduation ceremonies are held on campus almost every other month. McCrossan Boys Ranch operates a year-round school managed by Teachwell Solutions. Students are offered regular education, special education and soon will have the option to participate in vocational classes again such as the Buildings & Trades Program. Each student has an individualized educational treatment plan and class ratios are small to help each student reach their full potential.

In addition to providing students with a comprehensive education, the school also offers students an opportunity to recover credits that they have missed and graduate on time with their peers. The school has helped the boys recover hundreds of high school credits since its accreditation. In addition the school provides a climate that results in less bullying and harassment, provides emotional security for anxious students, works closely with students with behavioral issues and keeps the boys in a safe and secure environment to help them learn.


See what our boys have to say about the McCrossan School:

“The school has helped me tremendously with my grades. In the past I had negative behaviors now I am respected, mature and responsible in school.” – Logan, Senior, Age: 17

“The McCrossan Boys Ranch school has helped me realize how school should be and what behaviors are not suppose to be happening.” – Brayden, Freshmen, Age: 15

“My favorite thing about school is the teachers at McCrossan’s. When they give us new information they give us time to process and think about it – that helps!” – Daren, Junior, Age: 17

“McCrossan Boys Ranch has helped me get my missing credits back.” – Keagan, Junior, Age: 17

“The McCrossan School has taught me how to pay attention and how to ask for help when needed. It has taught me that I can do it and that it is not that hard.” – Matthew, Freshmen, Age: 15

“The teachers have taught me how to be an effective communicator as well as listener. They have helped me mature and learn to control my anger.” – Bryan, Junior, Age: 17

“My favorite thing about school is how personalized the learning can be.” – Dylan, Junior, Age: 17

“The best thing about the McCrossan school is that they talk to me about my credits and the fact I can graduate before I was meant to.” – Haven, Senior, Age: 17

School Fun Facts:

On average 15 boys graduate from our McCrossan High School each year.

Some boys are attending higher education through local universities and technical schools while living at McCrossan Boys Ranch

The McCrossan School has classes for 5th-12th grade on campus.

McCrossan’s is sanctioned in high school sports – our mascot is the McCrossan Wrangler. Currently, we have a cross country and track team.


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  1. Louise

    I have been to one of the Graduation Ceremonies. So happy to see the boys that graduated be celebrated. It was a really special ceremony with a lot of people there.

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