McCrossan Boys Ranch nominated as one of the “Nicest Places in America”


McCrossan Boys Ranch is thrilled to be nominated by the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau as one of the “Nicest Places in America” in a Reader’s Digest Contest. The nomination was accepted by the Reader’s Digest and McCrossan Boys Ranch is now featured online on the Reader’s Digest website as one of the “Nicest Places in America.”

This is the second annual contest held by the Reader’s Digest. They will be narrowing it down to the Top 10 in America on June 19th. McCrossan Boys Ranch is asking for your support in helping us get noticed by liking and sharing our “Nicest Places in America” posts on Facebook and also commenting on the Reader’s Digest online article which can be found at:   The Top 10 places will be featured on Good Morning America and also in an upcoming issue of the Reader’s Digest.

Nominees across the country include small towns to big-city neighborhoods, businesses, community centers, military bases, places of worship and anywhere else where the spirit of “nice” prevails. “While there is plenty of media shining a light on conflict and rancor in America, we’re providing a way for Americans to share the places where neighbors trust each other, strangers are welcomed, and civility and respect win out,” said Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief Bruce Kelley.

McCrossan Boys Ranch is honored to receive this recognition and agree that we are one of the #NicestPlacesinAmerica

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