Construction Underway on Huyser Hall: New 32-Bed Living Unit at the Ranch



We are excited that our new living unit at the Ranch has really been taking shape these last few weeks. The 9,968 sq. ft. addition will help modernize our campus for at-risk youth and provide single room living quarters for boys residing at the Ranch.

Sheetrock has just been completed and we are on track to complete the project by Memorial Day. Our staff and boys are excited to see all the changes on campus to enhance our programs for the boys!

Shop Room

New Shop Building Complete

With the demolition of Mathers Cottage on campus, our former shop room was torn down. A new Industrial Arts Building has been constructed to enhance the program for our boys. Our new shop room on campus includes modern equipment, compressed air tools and a dust collection unit making it a state of the art shop in which our boys can learn the tools of the trade. The new building also has additional classroom space as well as a wood storage area for construction projects. The class focuses on teaching our youth the skills they need to gain employment in the construction field. It has not only taught our boys much needed hands-on skills, but they have been active in giving back in the community as well. The program has taught students a wide array of construction trades: drafting, framing, electrical, drywall, cabling, cabinetry, fine woodworking and more. We are excited to get this program up and running again at the Ranch now that our new building is complete.


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