Boys Meet at Ranch, Discover they are Brothers

Brothers 2

The world is full of stories of amazing and sometimes unbelievable coincidences. Recently we had one happen at the Ranch which will certainly warm your heart as it did so many of ours.  In this tough world we live in, sometimes the most incredible and miraculous things can happen.

Have you ever met someone and instantly had a connection? Maybe even felt you were related?

Around rodeo time, former resident Omi came out to spend some time at the Ranch. Omi enjoyed spending time at the barn and participating in 4-H while at McCrossan’s. After leaving the Ranch several years ago, Omi still enjoyed stopping out to visit with Ranch staff and making a pit stop at the barn to enjoy some time with the horses. He lived at the Ranch for three years and felt like the staff were family and McCrossan’s was truly “home.” While up at the barn, he met one of our current residents TJ. Both boys grew up in different homes and had never met before. The boys began talking and TJ thought they seemed a lot alike.

That night in the cottage, TJ began thinking and visited with his cottage staff, Deb Big Crow. He mentioned he thought for some reason he could be related to the young man, Omi he just met that night. The next morning a few of the Ranch staff decided to start digging in a little deeper. A lot of the information they had was shaky. When TJ was two weeks old he was given to a family friend who had just lost a child. They took him in as their own, however no legal paperwork was ever completed. TJ always believed they were his biological parents and later in life found out they actually weren’t. The couple that raised TJ had both passed away within a year of one another. TJ was basically left with no family and came to the Ranch.

Omi, on the other hand, was removed from his biological mother when he was young. He knew who his Dad was but never really had any contact. Omi was adopted and his birth certificate was changed to reflect his adoptive parent’s names.

The two boys just seemed to have a connection. McCrossan along with the help of TJ’s worker decided to help pay for DNA testing to see if they could possibly be related. The blood work came back and they were indeed full blooded brothers. Both boys were shocked and also so grateful to have each other in their lives. Omi says, “this wouldn’t have ever happened if it hadn’t been for McCrossan’s. The Ranch is so much more than just a treatment facility. I don’t go a day without thinking about the Ranch. When I didn’t have much the Ranch was always there. I am grateful to the staff that still feel like family to me. I plan to help TJ in any way possible. He has a good head on his shoulders thanks to the Ranch. We are talking about him going on to school when he is done and I will always be here to encourage and support him or give him a place to live.”

Amazingly both boys met, even though they were not placed at the Ranch at the same time.  Omi is now 20 years old and TJ is 16.  Because of Omi’s quick visit out to the Ranch… the two were brought together. Omi is currently living on his own and is a great young man now. Omi has a full time job working for Dakota Traffic in Sioux Falls. He plans to go on to Southeast Tech soon for Diesel Mechanics and is a very positive role model for TJ. An amazing connection for two boys who have very little family.

Since finding out in October, the boys have been spending time with each other. Each weekend Omi comes out to the Ranch to visit with his brother TJ. Our staff at McCrossan’s are so happy to have helped discover this small miracle bringing two brothers together. We are glad they found this connection that will last a lifetime.

Brothers 1

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