McCrossan Boys Ranch Now Offers ACH Payment Options for Donations


Want to give to McCrossan Boys Ranch monthly or quarterly and don’t want to use a credit card or bill pay? We now offer ACH donation options directly from your bank account. Direct withdrawal via ACH eliminates the need to handle paper checks and reduces fees spent on processing donations made by credit card. Direct withdrawal via ACH donation payments are safe and confidential. Unlike checks, which contain your account details, donations via ACH are transferred electronically. You can make a one-time payment or a recurring payment. You set the timing and the amount and you can still pick the fund you wish to support. It saves time, postage and works even if you are out of town or on vacation. Your monthly donation helps form a predictable source of income we can count on to provide services for local at-risk youth. It’s the easiest way to give and ensure that McCrossan Boys Ranch receives your ongoing support. If you want to sign up for an ACH payment please call (605) 339-1203 or email Christy Menning at and we will mail a form to you to get started.

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