Students Against Violence Everywhere at McCrossan


McCrossan Boys Ranch has been happy to provide another great opportunity for our boys this year.  In March 2017, we launched our SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) club on campus and have been busy ever since!  SAVE is a national organization focused on conflict management, crime prevention and service activities.  Our main goal within the McCrossan SAVE club is to share the lessons and awareness of violence across our campus and into the community.   Being that this is our first year, we are focused on building and strengthening our program to really get our residents excited about SAVE.

In addition to regular meetings, our SAVE club has been involved in many activities…hiking, disc golf, guest speakers, helping in the community (Tour Sioux Falls and Sertoma Butterfly House) and lessons at Good Earth State Park to name a few.  Most recently, the SAVE club organized a donation drive for a family in the region who lost a loved one due to violence.  Our club made ribbon/paper flowers with inspirational messages to add a personal touch to the donations made to the family, which was a great project for our guys.

We also just had a kayak lesson offered for our SAVE club as part of the Empowering Paddlers program by Sioux Empire Paddlers! We feel it is very important that these young men are able to find healthy activities to become involved in, in an effort to stay away from negative behaviors that often lead to violence.  By incorporating a variety of activities into our SAVE program, we hope that our members are able to find something they enjoy and are able to explore peacefully throughout their lives.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see what next activities and projects SAVE takes on at McCrossan!

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