McCrossan Launches New Cattle Breeding Program

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For decades, McCrossan Boys Ranch has been known for its beautiful horses along I-90 and as a home for boys. Now you will soon start to see cattle as well when you drive down the interstate.

The Ranch is excited to add cattle breeding to the mix. “It has been something we have been thinking about for a while now, we have some great experience with teaching our boys farm values and this is just a perfect fit,” said Brian Roegiers, McCrossan Executive Director. In June, thanks to a grant from the South Dakota Farm Bureau five Hereford cow/calf pairs were added to the Ranch.  The cow/calf pairs came from five different operations from throughout the State: Blume Herefords of Frankfort, Brandt Herefords of Mitchell, RCR Polled Herefords of Lake Andes, Eggers South Farms in Renner and Sleepy Hollow Farm in Centerville.

The cattle will be bred and raised at the Ranch to help provide another source of income to support our programs and also provide food for the growing boys we have at the Ranch. The boys will learn all aspects about cattle care from calving to weening and breeding. The Ranch plans to grow the herd with the help of local farmers that might be willing to donate cattle to the Ranch for this special project. It is our hope to grow the program to 30-50 head of cattle which would be manageable with our acres.

The South Dakota Farm Bureau was active in the whole process of getting the cattle to McCrossan’s. The SDFB and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council put on a fun event for the boys the day the “cattle came home.” To help celebrate they put on a burger battle competition and gave the boys an overview of the pasture to plate process.

In addition to horses and cattle, the Ranch is also home to several sheep, donkeys, goats and a llama. The boys get a chance to work with all the animals on a daily basis teaching them responsibility, hard work and how to care for others.  Working on the farm has many therapeutic values for our boys as well. The Ranch has a thriving 4-H program and hopes to show the cattle at local fairs and shows in the future.

If you have any questions about donating cattle or about our new breeding operation please contact Christy Menning or Troy Geis at (605) 339-1203.

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Thank you to the following:

South Dakota Farm Bureau (use logo)

Minnehaha County Farm Bureau

South Dakota Beef Industry Council

South Dakota Hereford Association

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