A Story of Success….Brad Ganzevoort


Brad Ganzevoort was a resident of McCrossan Boys Ranch from 1991-1993 due to truancy. During Brad’s stay at the Ranch he was very involved with the hitch program, such as the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee, WI and the Washington, DC Inaugural Parade. He also travelled to the Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa State Fairs. His favorite memory of the Ranch is being in the Inaugural Parade for Bill Clinton. It was an experience that not many people get the chance to do. He was even interviewed while there!

Brad was also busy finishing his GED and working a full-time job at Northern Exhaust in Tea, SD. He was part of the Independent Living Program where the boys learn skills to become independent, with emphasis on job placement and higher education assistance. “Before coming to the Ranch, I didn’t even know how to do laundry but the Ranch taught me basically everything.” The one word Brad would use to describe what the Ranch taught him is; responsibility.

One staff member that made a particularly strong impression on Brad during his stay at the Ranch was Troy Geis who is still employed at the Ranch and has been here for 26 Years.  Brad said, “He was a straighter shooter, he told us how it was and that was what helped change my life.”

Brad’s advice to boys at McCrossan Boys Ranch is to take advantage of every single opportunity the Ranch has to offer. He has some regrets on not fully doing that, so he hopes that the current boys will realize all that the Ranch has to offer.

After leaving the Ranch Brad took his hard work ethic and the responsibility he learned and went to work for a Polaris factory. He then went on to work at another factory for 6 years until finding his current job with 1878 Land & Transit. At 1878 Land & Transit he is a truck driver for a father and son farmer and he delivers fertilizer and grain for them.

Brad currently resides in Webb, Iowa. He has been happily married to his wife, Trudy, for 10 years. He is the proud father of 6 children: Kaitlin-26, Dalten-25, Alexis-23, Jayden-23, David-17 and Emma-15. He enjoys relaxing and hanging out with his family.

We are very proud of all of Brad’s accomplishments and are glad he shared his story with us. If you are an alumni or know someone who is and would like to be featured in the Courier, please call The Development Office at (605) 339-1203.

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