McCrossan Christmas Letter from the Executive Director


Well the tumultuous election has now passed. Did your candidate win? Whether your candidate won or lost, we know who is really in control, right? God has blessed our country in many ways despite the bitter political battles and he has also blessed McCrossan Boys Ranch.

It is the privilege of our staff to now work with over 200 boys a year. Boys who need another chance. Boys who need to find hope in a world that doesn’t look very “rosey” to them. Abuse, neglect and lack of nurturance and a consistent loving home life, leads to pain, despair and hopelessness. Often our boys see only a dark cloud looming over their lives. Our job at McCrossan’s is to pierce those dark clouds with rays of light that offer hope and promise to God’s lost children. My staff will tell you, this is no easy task! Trusting adults is not something most of our boys are familiar with. Often they have learned just the opposite through traumatic events having occurred in their homes. Addiction, abuse and neglect in many cases shaped their “normal.” If one doesn’t know anything else, one finds ways to cope with their surroundings in ways that often conflict with societal norms. I like to think boys learn a “new normal” at the ranch. When we look at these young men, we are often challenged to look past the outward behavior and see them as a work in progress that God has presented to us for retooling. And I will tell you, a good old fashion heavy dose of understanding, love, nurturance and consistency goes a long way toward helping these boys see the previously gloomy world as a place they can learn to prosper in.

For 18 wonderful years I have come to you with a plea to keep our McCrossan boys on your Christmas list and each and every year so many of our faithful friends have blessed our boys with an awesome Christmas they will never forget. This year’s boys need your help too. Can you give generously to this cause? If you do, I feel you will be blessed just as the boys will be in response to your generosity. Blessed are those that care for the under privileged! I pray your Christmas will be filled with warmth, joy, family and happiness. And if you can see it in your heart to pass some of your hard earned dollars along for our boys this Christmas, we would be extremely grateful.

Merry Christmas everyone and may your New Year be filled with blessings.

Brian Roegiers, Executive Director


2 thoughts on “McCrossan Christmas Letter from the Executive Director

  1. Justin Nichols

    My family would like to help in some capacity for this Christmas season. Are there any needs that we could gather/donate? Thank you and God Bless

    1. McCrossan Post author

      Thank you! We still have boys names on our Tree of Hope at Hy-Vee on MN Avenue, Scheels or Dakota Sports. We still have a decent amount of presents to collect before next week. If you want to just buy general items for the boys that would be fine too. The most requested items are mp3 players (any brand) or headphones (similar to Beats headphones but do not need to be name brand). Gift cards are always popular as well. If you are looking for some other ideas let us know. We are always in need of jeans and other clothing items too. Thanks!

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