McCrossan Breaks Ground on Administration Building Addition


We are excited to announce that we are breaking ground on a new project at the Ranch. In 1977, our current administrative building was constructed. It is known on the McCrossan campus as the Lodmell Center named after one of the original trustees Adolph Lodmell. Originally it was designed as a two story building to contain office space on the main floor and apartments (once used for our Independent Living Preparation Program) on the second floor. The building was constructed when our resident population was approximately 30 boys. Now, in 2016, we typically serve 60-70 boys at any given time with 250 youth coming through our doors each year. Because of this we are in desperate need for increased office space, more therapy/counseling rooms and places for families to visit. The Lodmell Center is now 38 years old and is also in need of some changes to increase energy efficiency and become more modernized. It is also a goal to consolidate staff into one building so employees of the same department can be in close proximity to each other and we can have one central office headquarters.

Our plan to accomplish these goals is to take over the second floor of the building which has been vacated since 2012 after the new Independent Living apartments on campus were constructed. We will also construct a new addition onto the Lodmell building to create even more space. We will be adding additional conference rooms, therapy/counseling rooms and several additional offices. Because of current codes we will also install an elevator to make the building handicap accessible.  The office is home to our administration team (Executive Director, Business Office, etc.), admissions department, development offices, accreditation manager, human resources, therapist offices and more.

We are excited for this new project that will further enhance the McCrossan experience for our residents and workers. Funds are still being raised to complete the project. Our hope is to complete the project in the Spring of 2017. You can donate online here: – choose administration building addition as the category. Thank you for your support!

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